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New Art Deco Wallpaper Collection from Nono It’s not only Leonardo DiCaprio starring in ‘The Great Gatsby’ that will capture the distinctive style of the art deco period this year - Nono’s striking new ‘Deco Fabulous’ wallpaper collection brings a contemporary edge to the iconic designs and decadent feel of 1920’s and 30’s decor. As eclectic as the inspirations of the era itself, the ‘Fabulous’ collection features a tribute to art deco’s origins, with its monochrome ‘Matinee’ print of a Parisian boulevard. ‘Cha Cha Cha’ echoes the faded glamour of a vintage rose stencil design in a period Deco house – and in typical Nono style, pearls are used to give this design a fashion edge. Geometrics are showstoppers in the new collection, with a sumptuous flock in a fan design typical of the 1930's. Pictured in black and snow white, Nono adds extra shimmer with subtle gold accent dot detail. This sultry motif is also available in emerald green, heralding a return this season to dark, moody luxe colours. ‘FiFi’ is the collection’s fabulous pin up girl - a 20's showgirl inspired by programmes such as ‘The Boardwalk Empire’ reliving the glamour of the Jazz age. Holographic wallpapers take centre stage, with stunning designs such as ‘Mirror, Mirror’ - a collection of classic bevelled mirror designs in silver, gold, charcoal and mink tones. Finally, the Miami Deco vibe is played out with ‘Tantalise’, an ultra stylish mirrored geometric design available in Polar and Noir. Fans of the collection will be glad to note that a complimentary collection of printed fabrics, sequin sheers and velvets will follow the launch. Comments Gill Nono, Nono founder: “Glamour, glitter and sultry elegance - the art deco era is a perfect fit for Nono’s signature style. This collection is ideal for both period and contemporary homes. “ Prices are from £60 - £100 RRP per roll, visit or call 0845 271 7333
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